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The innovative and creative designs spark engineers to recreate and think many times before releasing a product. Apple have made it all from the start, even though obstacles and mines were planted in front of their road ahead. Apple knows that their ideas can be protected, but they also must understand the rights another company has, to use parts of other’s ideas to improve on it. So far, Apple has made a milestone contribution to the innovating society, we see today. Without Apple, and its followers and Microsoft and other tech companies, the world, will not have these tech products, and will not be able to communicate further.


Raise your hand if you think the No. 5 in Apple’s Sept. 12 press-event graphic is really bait and switch for something not iPhone-related (you know, like an Apple iHovercraft). No hands? Just one? The person in the back wearing the “JFK: It Was Aliens” T-shirt?

O.K. then, let’s assume we’ll finally see Apple’s new iPhone this week, and with that in mind, let’s run down the list of the most likely rumors.

(MORE:Five Questions About Apple’s iPhone 5 Event on Sept. 12)

It won’t be called the iPhone 5. The last iPhone was the 4S, so it’d make sense to put a 5 after the next iPhone, because, you know, math, and besides, that’s the shadow of a 5 cast by Apple’s freaky light-source, physics-defying No. 12, right? Don’t assume anything. Apple reverted to calling its tablet “iPad” when it launched the…

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